Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Picture of a ceiling with heavy duty vinyl over it to contain falling debris from water saturation

Ceiling Water Leak

High winds caused damage to this home's roof.  The damage caused a leak so bad that the drywall on the ceiling became completely saturated and began to bow.  Drywall this wet and damaged can not be dried in place.  It must be removed and replaced.  Heavy duty vinyl was placed to contain the water and falling debris until the demolition work could begin.  This remediation and rebuild work included drywall, insulation, painting, asbestos removal, and general cleaning.

Storm Damage Roof

Storm Lifts Rubber Roof and Destroys Chimney

Traditional shingles do not create a watertight seal.  But if the roof is adequately pitched or sloped the roof does not need to be completely watertight.  Gravity works so that water and melting snow runs off the roof.  But if the roof is flat, or has very little slope, water from melting snow and rain can pool on the roof.  In these situations, rubber roofs work better as they are watertight.   

This home had a rubber roof.  Unfortunately a wind storm lifted the rubber roof.  The weight of the rubber roof destroyed the chimney and once the rubber was lifted, the rain that was a  part of this storm poured into the house and caused quite a bit of water damage throughout the home.  

Picture of crew members taking a break from their work in Texas

SERVPRO of Appleton Assisting in Texas

On February 23rd, 2020, we sent two crews down to the Dallas, Texas area to help people with water damage to their homes following the historic winter storm that caused lots of frozen and burst pipes.  Our crews stayed for about 2 weeks before heading home for a brief "reset".  This past week we sent another crew down to Texas to assist people who now have mold damage from the historic storm.  We are honored to be part of this historic effort and assist the people of Texas during their time of need.  

Picture of Dehumidifiers in a Church

Creative Restoration

In July 2019 this church had a tree fall on it's roof during strong storms.  This particular church had several layers of roofing installed through out the years, which made drying very difficult as there was condensation and a small amount of water trapped between the different layers.  The obvious and easy solution was to completely replace the roof.  But we were determined to save the insurance company and the customer a great deal of money and dry the roof in place.  The large boxes in the picture are commercial dehumidifiers.  We set up the pictured system of getting dehumidification up in to the ceiling.  The insurance adjuster for the job said he hadn't seen such effort and creativity in many years.  We are proud to say our efforts paid off and this church community is now in their beautiful and fully restored space without having to pay for an all new roof.           

Picture of Water Running out of a Burst Pipe

Oshkosh Water Main Break

Burst water pipes are a common cause of water damage in homes and businesses alike.  The cause is usually the result of increased pressure in the pipe.  This is a common problem during the winter storm months.  People often think that pipes burst when they freeze.  In fact, they burst when water that has frozen in the pipes begins to thaw.  Pipes burst when water thaws and begins to flow, but then runs into other, still-frozen parts of the pipe and builds up pressure. It's important for home and business owners to know where their water shut off valves are in case of a rupture.  

Summer Storms

Severe storms came through our area in July 2019.  The National Weather Service confirmed nine EF1 or EF0 tornadoes touched down in Wisconsin in less than a 24 hour period, with several of them being in or near the Fox Valley.  We received many calls from customers who had trees fall on their homes or businesses resulting in water damage to the structure.  Pictured is a tree that fell on a local church we helped restore.  The tree was so large you can't even see the structure it's sitting on in this picture.