Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Orange Juice Spill

This manufacturing plant called SERVPRO of Appleton to clean up their back lot after vats of orange sprung a leak due to freezing and thawing. Due to the acid... READ MORE

Factory Water Damage

A water main break caused sediment and water to flood this 100,000 square warehouse. The entire 100,000 square feet was covered in 1 inch of mud and 2 inches of... READ MORE

Commercial Slab Leak

This YMCA experienced a water loss due to a "slab leak". A slab leak is an industry term used to describe a leak that has developed in the copper water lines r... READ MORE

Carpet Stains

Certain stains have a reputation for being extremely difficult to remove from carpet and clothing. Coffee, mustard and of course anything red. The property ma... READ MORE

Commercial Water Loss

This Appleton area coffee shop experienced a water damage situation in their basement when a city water main between the street and their shop burst on December... READ MORE

Flood at Forest Mall in Fond du Lac

A city water main, in the floor of the Forest Mall in Fond du Lac, burst and flooded a good portion of the mall including multiple stores, common areas, walkway... READ MORE