What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

"We had a major oil furnace soot issue in a house that we own and my sister rents. When I walked in that first day, I didn't know where to turn with the mess. Soot webs everywhere! Rhonda, Ino, Tammy, and Sherry and crew came in and started the process of cleaning the walls, ceilings and all surfaces I couldn't believe how wonderful it turned out. They were absolutely professional and very helpful with any concerns we had. The first day they alerted me to a group of electrical outlets that had stopped working from an undetected problem from working on the furnace. A freezer was plugged into one of these outlets, so we were able to save everything in the freezer by getting it plugged into another outlet. I cannot recommend SERVPRO more and especially this crew! Thank you for making this awful mess go away!"

What recommendations would you have to help the SERVPRO franchise improve its performance in the future?  "Not a thing!  Everyone was just great.  They all did a great job-really happy with all of them."

"All staff was amazing, keep up the good work."

"Your workers are great.  They do a very good job!  So happy with them!"

"First of all, all I can say is WOW!  DEBBIE, YOU AND YOUR TEAM ARE AMAZING!  Everyone that worked here did an outstanding job.  They cleaned like it was their home.  They were always working when we stopped by to get a change of clothes.  This was a huge job!  Two hutches and one curio cabinet held lots of china and crystal.  These ladies worked tirelessly.  There were many tedious jobs like; louveres, silk greens, cream colored brick on two walls, etc.  I could go on and on about the wonderful job everyone did.  We felt like we were walking into a brand new home.  Every room sparkles.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  We would also like to thank Ken from Smoke-Out Cleaners.  He put the sheers and drapes up and did a fabulous job.  Suede, leather, etc Boots all came back looking like new!  They cleaned my designer handbags to perfection.  Coats, jackets, scarves, gloves all came back looking great.  Thank you, thank you, everything you did for us is beautiful!  SERVPRO YOU ARE THE BEST!"    

"The 3 girls cleaning are the nicest!  Wonderful and work so hard, so polite and we are lucky to have them.  The one guy that came the first day was great too."

"Dear James and the SERVPRO team that worked on our house.  It was one year ago when our sump pump froze up and had a lot of smoke in our house. Hard time.

James I remember you saying to me that God always takes care of his children!  And he did through all of you.  Cannot express how much we appreciate all of you.

There has never been any evidence of smoke and we have our house back.  

I know I have said before but God does use you all through a difficult time. 

James thank you for your leadership.  God will continue to use all of you as those calls come in!"

Thank you so much for everything you have done for our family!  You are true heroes and I am amazingly thankful that you chose this as your work every day.  You do save lives!  We are eternally grateful!

"June 30 was one of the worst days I've encountered in life....I was faced with the daunting task of fire cleanup and really had no idea where or how to begin.  Henry came that evening, in a rainstorm, and boarded up windows.  James and Joyce showed up early 7/1/16 to assess the situation, give me moral support, and assured me they'd be available to guide me through restoration.  A crew started shortly there after.  Throughout this process I've felt confident that my home has been in the best hands possible.  Today 8/8/16 is most likely the final day with finishing up the painting and I can't even begin to show my gratitude toward the cleanup crew (Michelle and Eno are the two I had direct contact with) painters, carpenters and the rest of the staff who've been directly involved.  My expectations of the final result have been far exceeded.  Thank you so much"