What our Customers say...

Water Damage Testimonials

"Rhonda was great -- thank you!"

"Very professional, wonderful service!"

"The team who came to my house were wonderful.  Cody, Rhonda, and especially Noah were able to answer all of my questions about the project and the damage.  They went above and beyond to ensure the house remained clean and that we were satisfied with the work.  If we ever need mitigation again (which I hope we don't) I would call."  

"Rhonda and her associate were tremendous and extremely professional." 

"Very professional and detailed."

"Everyone was kind and considerate.  Willing to answer all my questions and concerns.  Rhonda and Dustin and their teams did a great and considerate job."

"Every one of your staff was fantastic to work with."

"Very please with service, overall things went well.  Everyone was courteous and professional."

"The team did a great job."

"Very fun team to work with.  Everyone wasn't afraid to get dirty..."

"Thank you for coming out over the holidays!"

"Thanks for prompt and professional service."

"Very well done!"

"Great communication throughout the whole process from every single person."

"Great job by everyone on the team, very professional and thorough.  Excellent job in explaining and providing me all the details involved with the whole job.  Also great team work, efficient, and organized.  These guys and gals did in a few days what would have taken me months."   

"We were very impressed with everything done."

"Good experience"

"THANK YOU!!!  On site personnel were extremely understanding and also took all measures to protect my house and belongings during the cleaning process." 

"I really enjoyed talking to your staff, they explained all the process and they were very receptive to feedback.  Rhonda and Matt did an exceptional job."

"We recently had water damage to our home.  It was my fault, rushing around trying to get laundry done and was soaking stuff in a wash basin.  We quickly left to go and see our grandkids play basketball.  We came home 3 1/2 hours later to the hallway and laundry room full of water.  It even affected the ceiling and floor in our downstairs. The sad part is it all happened because I forgot to turn off the faucet in the wash basin.  Tony initially said insurance probably wouldn't cover it.  But I called our American Family agent Mark Pribbenow and his response was to stop trying to do it ourselves, assured me I wasn't stupid and give me the 800 number for SERVPRO and let them take care of it.  This was Sunday morning and within 1 1/2 hours they were here!  Insurance (minus our deductible) covered everything.  Between up/downstairs we had 28 fans.  It was beyond believable how they treated our house like they would their own.  Friendly staff and very professional! Jim Boegh plastering (Master Plasters) Little Chute is the nicest guy ever and his staff came in and did a terrific job of plastering.  I had to give these shout outs because in this day and age when it can look so cynical, there are terrific, good people all around us.  Thank you Mark Pribbenow, staff at SERVPRO, and Jim Boegh for your kindness!  Also thank you to Tony who just had his little man cave downstairs exactly the way he wanted it before I flooded it.  He took it very well."  

"On 10/10/18 Luke and his crew were here, done their job and gone more quickly than I believed possible.  SERVPRO definitely hired the best with Luke for the position he holds and the responsibilities it necessitates!  He provided complete information explaining everything in terms anyone can understand.  He asked me multiple times if I had any questions, told me if any arise don't hesitate to call.  Bravo.  All 3 sent here were very friendly, polite, professional and even showing respect.  That's 4 out of 4 people hope for, unfortunately all 4 of these usually cannot be used when discussing those within all the different types of service providers we all need to rely on at some point in our lives.  Within a 1/2 hour of them pulling out I was already recommending SERVPRO, but admittedly I did add especially if it is the same crew I had been lucky enough to have assigned to my home, I hope it is ok that having a big mouth I included giving both Joyce and Luke's name in the conversation.  My sincere thanks to all involved in helping me"

Dear SERVPRO:  Just a note to say thank you for the WONDERFUL service!  Though our project is not quite done I think it is important to know that I am very pleased with everything to date.  I was amazed how quickly things got done.  Within a half hour of my call Michelle was at my house looking things over and making calls.  Within the next few hours your crew really went to work!  Please express thanks to all.  Your Production Manger Cody took me by surprise.  What a pleasure to work with!  Kind, understanding, polite and knowledgeable.  His three assistants (Sherry, Allen, Collin) were also a pleasure to work with.  They were so polite and so respectful plus very considerate and understanding.  I can't remember the name of the young lady that met with my insurance adjuster (she had short, cute, funky haircut) but she also was a pleasure to work with.  I know this project is not yet complete but I can tell you 48% humidity is a much better number than 78% humidity!  This was a learning experience for us but I can tell you the new pumps are installed along with water sensor alarms and battery back-ups.  Again, thank you for the WONDERFUL service, much appreciated!     

"Hey Joe, Just wanted to pass along the compliments that our client Keith Rohde showered upon SERVPRO this morning.  He said that everyone he has had contact with has been very professional and they have taken the time to explain their process to him.  He also appreciated how SERVPRO showed a lot of respect for American Family and didn't try to drive up the cost of cleanup.  It has been a very good experience for them.  Thank you!  We are proud to refer our clients to you.  And as Mark would say, thank you for making us look good!

Linda Ahrens, Licensed Sales/Service Rep American Family"

"Many thanks to your incredible staff and crew who took care of my home.  Every contact person - Jessica & Lynn and all those on my crew - Luke, Laura, Allen and, I believe, two others were so kind and understanding. I would also like to note how respectful they were to one another.  They explained everything and were very thorough.  Many thanks again!" 

"Upon the arrival of Rhonda and her crew Demond & Ino they got to work on accessing the damage.  Rhonda explained everything to us in depth upon our approval of what they would be doing, then the men got started.  Rhonda continued to go through the process with us & then joined the crew to help.  She explained to us that this was more than they expected but would do what they needed to complete the job.  Halfway through Sherry showed up and immediately started in helping.  Rhonda was so professional and sympathetic to our needs, everyone was very personable and polite.  Will definitely recommend Rhonda & her crew at SERVPRO.  Thank you so much."  

"Amy, I was able to get back to Wisconsin recently and I cannot tell you how amazed I was at the wonderful job your company did with the basement on the condo.  Thank you very much for your service and prompt help in a very difficult situation."

Gifty and I will like to thank you very much for the prompt manner in which you attended to our requests to expedite repair work on house after the water damage. That you personally came to inspect and ensure that the work was done and completed to our satisfaction within a very short time means a lot to us. And although we don’t want to use your services again, no one wants damage to how her house, we will not hesitate at all to use you or recommend you to any of our friends should they need your services. That you even went beyond and above what we asked of you is a perfect example of customer care par excellence! We also wish you thank you employees who worked on our house in the past and now on our behalf. Words cannot express how we feel now so again thank you much and have a good day.

"The SERVPRO team did an outstanding job at every step in the long process to get my house back in order.  I would give you all an unqualified recommendation to anyone.  Thanks for all you did so quickly and efficiently."

"Very accommodating, friendly & efficient crew.  Great to work with" 

"Really great!  I would highly recommend them to anyone who needed their services"

"Thank You!  Great work by all staff!"

"Debbie was great.  Kept me informed regularly!  Great company!  Everything with my experience was awesome!"

"I would very much hire you again"

"Austin and his crews, and Joyce, manager, did VERY AWESOME JOBS and made sure we are aware of their performance and let us know what had been going on."

"Jake and Skylar are two of the most well mannered and respectful young men I have met in a long time.  They are very detail oriented about the job and very careful with the furniture.  They even put things under the corners to keep them off the carpeting.  Great job guys!  If we ever need anyone again I will definitely be calling this company back!"